Friday, 7 December 2012

The Highest Honour - Peer Acknowledgment

I try not to write personal posts on this blog but something happened today that I wanted to share with you all.

Today I received an email from one of the authors whose book I awarded the Golden Hammer & Anvil Shield.  I will not give the name of the person concerned, but they told me that they had just bought the other four books listed on the Roll of Honour because of the reviews I had written.

That email made me realise, once again, why I started my blog and why by promoting books of the highest standard, whether they be from mainstream or independent publishers, is so important.  Each of the books on the GHA Roll of Honour is beautifully written, unique in its approach, crafted with care and as you read it you can feel the passion and hours and days and weeks of painstaking effort it took to complete. They are so exquisite that when you have read the last sentence, you feel sad it has ended.  But it hasn't really ended because the story stays with you.  You see the spine on your bookshelf and are instantly reminded of the characters and their triumphs and disasters which are indelibly printed on the pages you turned with anticipation.

This email did make me happy - but not for myself.  It made me happy for the other four authors whose books rank alongside the one written by my correspondent.  They have been shown the greatest accolade, the best endorsement.  Someone purchased their books after I had been given the great honour of reading them and they were so good I had to share them with the world; that is the best award of all.

You can find the books I have chosen to receive The Golden Hammer & Anvil Shield here.

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