Monday, 24 December 2012

A Christmas Message

This year has been one of the most fulfilling I have ever had.  I started this blog in May 2012 with no real expectations, apart from wanting to share my love of historical fiction with the world.

I honestly thought my reviews would get lost in the ether, as there are many hundreds of book bloggers and reviewers all vying for their own little corner of cyberspace, but with nearly 12,000 unique page views in 7 months and very big TBR pile, it seems I am here to stay!

Talented, independent authors have sat side by side with those you see represented by major publishers and every book I have published a review on has been, in one way or another, a joy to read.

But without you , those of you that read my posts, who enter my giveaways and share my blog links via social media, I would be a lone voice in a cacophony of shouts.  So this post is for you - to the readers who take time to read my opinions, to my fellow bloggers who help me by promoting my reviews, to the authors who trust me to pass a verdict on their labours and provide free copies of their books to offer as prizes and to those behind the scenes who have given me support, guidance, encouragement and (on occasions) a kick up the backside.

Thank you everyone, from the bottom of my heart.  Merry Christmas & may 2013 bring you everything you hope and dream of.

Fondest Regards,



  1. Thanks so much for the competition prize that arrived in the mail today. My husband thought I had ordered yet another book, but I told him no, and then when my son brought me the parcel, I expressed joy. The prize has arrived in time for holiday reading, I shall be able to savour it.