Submission & Review Guidelines

The aim of “Sir Read-A-Lot” is to promote high quality Historical Fiction and no discrimination or favour will be shown to works published by a mainstream publishing house or a self/assisted publishing entity. 

As such, I intend to review a maximum of four books and hold no more than two author interviews per month.  To produce a fair and unbiased review, I will follow the criteria laid down by the Historical Novel Society, where I am part of their Independent Review Team.  By using a consistent approach, I hope to achieve a fair and honest decision as to whether or not I feel I can recommend your book to my audience.

Ø  To be considered for review, the work must be classed as historical fiction, by the normal understanding of the term, i.e. be predominantly set at least fifty years ago (pre-1962).

Ø  First impressions are important. Therefore I will pass judgement on the cover picture, typeface, overall presentation of the product etc.

Ø  Sentence structure and reading experience – There should not be too many sentences, or too many points of view changes.  Minor errors with grammar/punctuation/continuity may be acceptable, but more important is the writer’s ability to convey the story.  There should be a good plot that holds the reader’s interest, there must be good characterisation and it should hold a reader’s attention all the way through to the end.  The story must be interesting and enjoyable.

Ø  If I find there are numerous and obvious errors or I am not enjoying the story within the first 50 pages, the book will be automatically rejected.   I will provide general reasons as to why I am declining the opportunity to review. 

Ø   I reserve the right to place a link on my website, directing my readers to Amazon where they can purchase their own copy of your book.  (That is assuming your work is sold via Amazon, of course).  I will NOT charge, nor expect, a fee for publishing a review.

Ø A book must achieve AT LEAST a 4 star rating to qualify for a published review on Sir Read-A-Lot (actually I use crosses rather than stars to keep the theme of my blog consistent).  If a book is only worthy of a 3 star rating I will review it on Goodreads & Amazon only.  If a book is less than 3 stars it is a reject and will not be reviewed by me at all.

Ø  Once your review/interview is published, I would expect you, the author/publisher, to promote and advertise any review or interview using any social media or traditional methods you employ.  I use Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads & Amazon, as well as a network of independent bloggers who “share” high quality content.  Furthermore if you would like to be interviewed & offer a copy of your book as a prize in a giveaway I am happy to accommodate you.

Ø  I will not return any books sent to me for review, unless a stamped, addressed envelope is included with the original package. 

Ø  Every review will be my own, honest opinion of the author’s work. 

Ø  Acceptable Genres – historical fiction, time-slip (provided the majority of the work takes place over 50 years ago), Young Adult (not Children’s).  I will review historical romance, although I am not too familiar with the genre.

Ø  Unacceptable Genres – erotica, non-fiction, children’s, poetry, short stories, modern thrillers, fantasy, gothic horror, anything with zombies or vampires.

Ø  I reserve the right to amend these guidelines at any time, and without notice.

To request a review, please contact me by email and provide me with a summary of your novel.

Stuart MacAllister
“Sir Read-A-Lot”

Contact Information
Twitter: SirReadalotUK


  1. Hi Stuart, I'd like you to review my historical fiction novel, "WILLIAM & LUCY" by Michael Brown. To see other reviews go to
    Thank you!

    Here's a bit of what it's about:
    Michael Brown Pens Outstanding Novel of an Untold Romance between William Wordsworth and the Lucy of his poems.

    LOS ANGELES, Calif. Michael Brown’s remarkable work, William & Lucy, takes place in England at the end of the 18th century, which marked the dawn of the Romantic Era in poetry. Wordsworth, at 28 years of age, encounters a mysterious young woman named Lucy and both are smitten. Rather like Dante and his Beatrice, William and Lucy become one of the more captivating relationships in literature.

    Romanticism in poetry, as personified by Wordsworth, was marked by meditation, worship of nature, and the decision to abandon classical verse by composing poems for the common man. William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge led the way with the second edition of their book “Lyrical Ballads,” which became the single most important book of poetry in the history of English literature. The Lucy poem in that volume, “She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways”, one of five Lucy poems he composed during his lifetime, presents Lucy living in rural Somerset and charts her “growth, perfection, and death” according to literary critic Geoffrey Durant. Lucy’s unresolved identity has intrigued literary historians for ages. Who was she? Where did she come from? Did she ever exist? No one knows. This is William and Lucy’s story…

    The drama plays out during a time when young Wordsworth and Lucy are beset with personal, political and financial challenges: Lucy, a governess and artist, must fight off the unwanted sexual advances of her employer and he won’t be denied. Her troubles only worsen when she is accused of stealing by the lady of the house. For his part, William’s revolutionary style of poetry is labeled by critics as ‘mere doggerel’; William finds himself due to this and other factors, fast approaching abject poverty. To make matters worse, England is at war with France and the poet is accused of being a French spy due to his outspoken political views, the punishment for which is death by hanging.

    At long last Michael Brown, through dedicated research and imaginative storytelling, has released the poet laureate from the bondage of his dour portrayal in history and has given us the flesh and blood Wordsworth, a man of adventure and passion. And for the first time ever the author originates the identity of LUCY in a love story that has never been told.

    To contact publisher email:
    To purchase this book log, and most eBook outlets.

    About the Author
    Michael Brown has won 3 Emmy Awards, an ACE Eddie Award, plus 8 additional nominations, and a Lifetime Career Achievement Award as a film editor. He is a member of the Directors Guild of America & the Writers Guild of America and has sold ten scripts to ABC, CBS & NBC. He lives in Chatsworth, California with his wife, Holly. This is his first novel. It won the 2012 Global Ebook Award for Best Historical Novel of the Year! (period: 1500 – 1940)
    William & Lucy * by Michael Brown
    A Tale Of Suspicion And Love
    Official Publication Date: April 13, 2012 Available now as an eBook $9.95 & POD
    Trade Paperback; $12.95; 358 pages

  2. I hope you will be able to review my novel!