Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Review & eBook Giveaway - "At Road's End" by Zoe Saadia

Every once in a while, if you are like me, you like to read something that is outside of your comfort zone.  My favourite period in history is the 11th to 13th Centuries, especially the Crusades, the Knights Templar and the battle for religious supremacy in The Holy Land.  But there are times when you seek something that you know is going to be challenging, set in an era or place in time that you know little about.

At Road’s End is a breath of fresh air.  It tells the story of native peoples in Mesoamerica and this is the first in a series telling the story of a tribe in close proximity to the emerging Aztec nation.  This novella tells the story of Tecpatl, a warrior who has been charged with protecting a group of traders.  He is a proud, arrogant man with a fierce temper and little respect for people who he feels are of a lower class than himself; like traders for example!  He also has a dark secret, he is ashamed of something and longs for the opportunity to rebuild his reputation.  As they travel through the country, the party come across a village where all the residents have been massacred.  There is one survivor, a woman who was given in marriage to a man who lived there.  She convinces Tecpatl to travel with the traders to her fathers home “The Great Houses” where they would be welcomed.  Of course, things do not go according to plan and the story is very well paced and laden with excitement and intrigue.
Zoe Saadia has written a breathtaking story.  Her use of prose and language is excellent, her descriptions invoke your imagination to picture the scenes and you really get drawn in to the storyline.  Her research is impeccable, her characters jump off the page and you cannot fail but become thoroughly engrossed in her work.  I never publish a review if a book doesn’t reach a minimum four star rating, and I have to say this is not a four star book.

Sir Read-A-Lot gives Zoe Saadia’s “At Road’s End”  5 Crosses and is awarded The Golden Hammer & Anvil Shield in recognition of her extraordinary talent.


Win "At Road's End" - eBook Giveaway

Zoe has kindly provided an eBook copy of "At  Road's End" to be given away to one lucky reader of Sir Read-A-Lot!  To enter, please do one of the following:

1.  Email with AT ROAD'S END GIVEAWAY as a subject header.
2.  Send me a direct message on Twitter (@SirReadalotUK) or on my Facebook page.
3.  Leave a comment underneath my review of At World's End.
4.  You can get extra entries by sharing/retweeting/promoting the competition on whichever social media platforms you use, up to a maximum of 3 entry tickets per person.  You must email me and tell me how you have promoted the giveaway to receive your extra entries.  Closing date midday Wednesday 1st August 2012.
5.  Due to an agreement with the author, this competition is open to EVERYONE WORLDWIDE!

Thank you and good luck!

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