Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Review - Renegade by Robyn Young

ISBN:         9780340963678
Publisher:   Hodder & Stoughton
Pages:       448
Price:         £7.87 via Amazon when pre-ordered, saving £9.12
Released:   30 August 2012

Would you be able to mask your heart’s desire in such a way that your closest allies and greatest enemies believed you to be a turncoat and traitor?  Could you keep inside you the truest, most noble calling and yet appear to have cast that destiny aside to curry favour with a king you know to be cruel and unworthy?  Robert The Bruce is faced with such a dilemma in “Renegade”, the second book of Robyn Young’s Insurrection trilogy.

“Renegade” begins shortly after the insurrection led by William Wallace has been subdued.  Robert has fled the court of Edward, King of England and betrayed the knights of a secret brotherhood, into which he was inducted.  He begins to form a powerbase at his ancestral home in Scotland but is soon forced to hide in Ireland when it becomes too dangerous.  The search for a mystical object, the Staff of Malachy, takes him to Ireland and King Edward sends a mercenary to hunt Robert down and kill him.  The failed assassination attempt reveals an unpalatable truth, causing him to return to Scotland where he is met by his most loyal friend, James Steward.  He convinces Robert that the best way to secure his lands is to swear fealty to Edward once more and, to all concerned, appear to be committed to Edward’s conquest of Scotland.   

Robyn Young weaves an engrossing story into an impeccably researched framework which ignites your imagination.  Her talent for writing is exceptional; her characters are alive, even though they have been dead for 800 years and you can smell the Greek Fire, launched from Edward’s siege engines, as it explodes into a castle’s walls. 

The sign of an excellent book is, in my opinion, one that captivates you from the first page and keeps you in its grip until the final sentence.  Once again, Robyn Young has produced an exceptional novel that is sure to be a bestseller, proving beyond doubt that she is one of the best writers, of any genre, around today.

Sir Read-A-Lot gives “Renegade” 5 crosses!

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