Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Review - Crowbone by Robert Low

Publisher:          HarperCollins
Date:                2012
Price:                £10.99 hb
Pages:              374
ISBN:              9780007298

Isle of Mann, 979 AD

A dying man’s cryptic message which must be passed onto the infamous Olaf  Tryggvasson – otherwise known as Crowbone.  Once the mysterious message is understood ,so begins a race against time to locate the artefact that will secure Crowbone’s assent to the throne of Norway.  But his bitter rival, Gunnhild the Witch Mother of Kings, has found out about his quest and she will stop at nothing to prevent Crowbone uncovering the truth about the artefact and where it lies.

Leading a newly formed crew, the Chosen Men, he has to overcome treachery and deceit in order to fulfil his destiny.


The image many of us have of Vikings is sterilised by folklore and the brutal elements of their culture is left out of many school history lessons.  However, Robert Low does not hold back and the violent nature of their existence is brought vividly to life. 

“Crowbone” is the fifth in Robert Low’s popular “Oathsworn” series and the first one I have read.  The depth of description and knowledge of the Viking way of life makes Robert Low an exceptional story-teller.  I did feel that some knowledge of the Oathsworn’s past adventures would have made the book more enjoyable, but that is not meant as a slight against the author but is merely an observation by a reader.

The story is fast paced, and the plot constructed in such a way that you never lose sight of Crowbone’s progress.  If you like your historical fiction to be gritty, violent and expertly researched then you should put this book near to the top of your “to be read” pile.

I give CROWBONE 4 Crosses!


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